Affordable Online Sports Management Degrees

Whether aspiring to work in a college setting, with Olympians, a professional team, or even in marketing, the field of sports management allows those within it to use their myriad skills to advance sports of all types. Because sports is an industry unto itself, it requires individuals passionate about topics ranging from budgeting and event planning to evaluation and advertising. As long as you’ve got a sport or physical activity you love, there’s probably a role for you in sports management.

Getting into the field often requires higher education, and an online sports management degree could be your ticket to a job upon graduation. These programs provide graduates with crucial knowledge in areas of accounting, business law, financial reporting, international sport principles, marketing, human relations, operations, sales, and far too many other topics to mention. Because a sports management degree online is overarching in its structure, once you graduate you’ll have skills that complement myriad roles within sports management.

Career possibilities available to graduates of online sports management bachelor degrees are unending, but some of the most popular roles include working as an athletics director at a high school or college, overseeing business operations for minor and major sports teams, serving as a sports agent who negotiates on behalf of and promotes their clients, or overseeing ticket sales for teams in any sport imaginable.

Depending on the area of sports management you plan to pursue, this field can be incredibly lucrative. In 2015, the mean annual income for sports agents sat at $95,810, but those at the top of their game can expect six-figure salaries. But just because you’re planning to make lots of money later doesn’t mean you want to pay lots to complete a sports management degree online. The list of 50 schools provided below highlights the lowest costing programs available that also provide the best return on your investment. In addition, each program on this list is fully accredited and designed to provide a level of flexibility that makes it possible to continue working while completing your studies.

15 Most Affordable Online Bachelor's Degrees in Sports Management
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University of Florida-Online

Value Score 7.28
Students Receiving Financial Aid 75%
Net Price $9,009
Graduation Rate N/A%
Student to Faculty Ratio 27:1
Enrollment Rate 71%
Retention Rate 88%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs N/A%
Number of Online Programs 1

UF offers students a quality, affordable distance education opportunity by providing them with access to a world-renowned faculty and several convenient online programs. Students in UF’s online bachelor of science in sport management program will graduate equipped with an understanding of the core marketing, financial, and legal concepts needed to excel in the field. Fostered in core courses that cover sport and society, sports marketing, and sport facility design and management, these skills are put to the test in a required 12-credit hour internship — to be completed in your final semester prior to graduation — in which all sports management majors learn the skills needed to thrive working for sports franchises, university athletic departments, and more.

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Troy University

Value Score 6.53
Students Receiving Financial Aid 78%
Net Price $11,740
Graduation Rate 35%
Student to Faculty Ratio 15:1
Enrollment Rate 78%
Retention Rate 75%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 46%
Number of Online Programs 2

For students looking for an affordable online sports management degree with diverse course offerings, Troy’s BS in hospitality, sport and tourism management is an excellent choice. The program offers three concentrations — hospitality management, tourism management, and sports management — which helps students develop the skills they need to excel in leadership positions for interscholastic, intercollegiate, and professional sports institutions and brands. To make sure all Troy students thrive in the online format, Troy offers the PREPARE Assessment and an introduction to online learning at no cost to students. Students take a range of courses, including sport communications, legal aspects in sport management, and facility management.

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Midway University

Value Score 6.46
Students Receiving Financial Aid 100%
Net Price $16,569
Graduation Rate 51%
Student to Faculty Ratio 15:1
Enrollment Rate 35%
Retention Rate 80%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 28%
Number of Online Programs 1

Midway’s online sport management degree offers students looking to work in sports an affordable path to a degree. Courses cover the fundamentals of marketing, finance, and facilities management. The program is ideal for students with professional experience, as Midway offers a Credit for Prior Learning program (CPL), where distance learners can receive university credit for knowledge gained through their work experience.

In addition to core major-specific classes, all students must pass Midway’s general education requirements in the humanities, social sciences, and mathematics. After completing these 34 required credits, students are offered several courses specific to sports management, including socio-cultural dimensions in sport and sport psychology. These classes prepare students to work in the field, whether as a college athletic department employee, a sports marketer, or a sports facility director.

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California University of Pennsylvania

Value Score 6.29
Students Receiving Financial Aid 92%
Net Price $13,962
Graduation Rate 54%
Student to Faculty Ratio 22:1
Enrollment Rate 37%
Retention Rate 77%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 42%
Number of Online Programs 2

California University of Pennsylvania’s undergraduate degree in sport management: wellness and fitness is perfect for busy students and working professionals, as courses are offered entirely online. The program is set up in a cohort format that includes 35-40 students, meaning enrollees can begin their program in January, June, or August. Students enrolling in the summer course sequence can graduate in three years, while students enrolling in fall or spring earn a degree in two years, making it even easier for online students to earn a bachelor's degree.

The online sports management degree focuses on wellness and fitness, including courses that address both science and management topics. These include sports nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and functional kinesiology; courses that cover the legal dimensions of sport, and leadership concepts and actions in wellness and fitness are also part of the curriculum.

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Toccoa Falls College

Value Score 6.21
Students Receiving Financial Aid 99%
Net Price $16,282
Graduation Rate 45%
Student to Faculty Ratio 15:1
Enrollment Rate 76%
Retention Rate 71%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 61%
Number of Online Programs 1

Toccoa Falls’ online BS degree in sports management requires students to complete a variety of core and major-specific classes. Students start with prerequisites in Bible studies, humanities, social sciences, computers, math, and science, before proceeding to 54 hours of sports management classes. These core courses include essential business topics such as the principles of accounting, sports marketing, and sport law & ethics, as well as essential, hands-on courses such as coaching techniques, first aid, CPR, and life fitness, along with a class on prevention and care of injuries.

At Toccoa Falls, online students receive the same quality educational experience as on-campus students. They have access to a variety of student resources, including academic advising, professional counseling, IT support, and even access to an online librarian.

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University of Minnesota-Crookston

Value Score 5.94
Students Receiving Financial Aid 92%
Net Price $8,509
Graduation Rate 47%
Student to Faculty Ratio 21:1
Enrollment Rate 41%
Retention Rate 66%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 60%
Number of Online Programs 1

Minnesota-Crookston offers a renowned BS degree in sport and recreation management. The school prides itself on providing a quality educational experience for nontraditional or continuing education students, and offers a variety of financial aid and student resources to distance learners. Students at UMC can take affordable courses, pursue online education scholarships, and get priority registration in all online courses for students seeking an online degree.

The 62-credit sport and recreation management program gives students ample opportunity to gain a management-oriented knowledge of sport and recreation topics through a series of technology-driven and rigorous classes. The program provides students with the skills they need to function effectively as professionals. Core courses include principles of management, managerial finance, principles of accounting, business writing, and writing in your profession.

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Concordia University-Chicago

Value Score 5.76
Students Receiving Financial Aid 100%
Net Price $17,110
Graduation Rate 49%
Student to Faculty Ratio 17:1
Enrollment Rate 15%
Retention Rate 65%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 47%
Number of Online Programs 3

CUC’s accelerated online sports management program is an efficient and affordable way to earn your degree. Additionally, the college offers nontraditional students the option to earn up to 32 semester hours of credit from prior experiences, including workshops, seminars, or even military service.

The 37-credit online accelerated BS in sports and recreation management is designed for distance learners who want to work in sports. Students will have the opportunity to pursue careers in sports marketing, management, operations, and communications. After completing program-specific courses, such as research design and methodology, principles of management, and personal values and organizational ethics, students must complete a program capstone senior project. This intensive, process-oriented, and active learning project allows students to apply concepts learned through coursework by identifying and solving a problem specific to the field through a well-researched action plan.

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Concordia University-Saint Paul

Value Score 5.62
Students Receiving Financial Aid 89%
Net Price $14,703
Graduation Rate 47%
Student to Faculty Ratio 15:1
Enrollment Rate 32%
Retention Rate 69%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 44%
Number of Online Programs 1

Oriented toward ensuring student success in sports management and related fields, Concordia St. Paul’s BA in sport management program is an affordable online degree that focuses on core concepts in business, kinesiology, and sport theory. Students in this 45-credit hour academic program learn the legal and business principles necessary to succeed and benefit from countless opportunities to bridge theory and practical applications.

The online bachelor’s program is built around five core sports management courses that help students thrive in the workplace. These are law & sport, planning and managing sports facilities, sports business, exercise physiology, and marketing and fundraising in sports. CSP is also focused on affordability, and to insure classes remain cheap for students, distance learners are locked into their first tuition price for the duration of their time in school.

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Missouri Baptist University

Value Score 5.47
Students Receiving Financial Aid 100%
Net Price $15,670
Graduation Rate 38%
Student to Faculty Ratio 20:1
Enrollment Rate 42%
Retention Rate 63%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 75%
Number of Online Programs 2

For students of faith seeking an online degree program taught from a Christian perspective, MBU’s online bachelors of sport management may the be right fit. Through technologically-enhanced learning opportunities, MBU helps students become proficient in administering and managing sport programs at all levels through web-based courses. These classes are taught by the same professors and faculty members from the main campus and regional learning centers; these professors will make time to speak with you through via video chat, email, and over the phone if you need help, providing you all the extra help you may need to succeed.

MBU’s online sports management program requires that online students complete 128 semester hours of coursework to graduate, including general education courses, as well as topics specific to sports management. The school also offers an online master of science in sport management degree for students who want to continue their studies with a graduate program.

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Culver-Stockton College

Value Score 5.40
Students Receiving Financial Aid 100%
Net Price $15,144
Graduation Rate 50%
Student to Faculty Ratio 15:1
Enrollment Rate 21%
Retention Rate 76%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 96%
Number of Online Programs 1

Culver-Stockton College offers an online sports management degree that gives students both the academic and practical experience necessary in business and management to pursue a variety of careers in sports. The school offers courses in a flexible, eight-week accelerated format. Coursework includes 24 hours of core classes (such as sport ethics and governance, athletic sport administration, and sport finance) and 21 hours of required courses in communications and marketing. Beyond these classes, students are encouraged to pursue an internship, and have the opportunity to pursue a couple of specializations. These include accountancy & finance, marketing, and business administration, each of which requires 15 hours of specialty-specific coursework.

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Shorter University

Value Score 5.26
Students Receiving Financial Aid 99%
Net Price $18,189
Graduation Rate 47%
Student to Faculty Ratio 12:1
Enrollment Rate 29%
Retention Rate 61%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 65%
Number of Online Programs 2

For Christian students seeking a sports management degree online, Shorter’s bachelor of business administration in sport management provides students with a specialized and flexible education. The curriculum is based on core competencies, and students build a variety of skills including oral and written communication, organization and management, teamwork, leadership, and ethical awareness.

The affordable, online program at SU provides students with the same quality education as on-campus students receive, and distance learners have access to the same faculty members as traditional students. Courses are taught in eight-week increments, and are tasked with completing weekly assignments. Professors have established virtual office hours specifically for distance learners, during which time they will be available by phone or chat to answer student questions.

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Davenport University

Value Score 5.22
Students Receiving Financial Aid 97%
Net Price $15,914
Graduation Rate 40%
Student to Faculty Ratio 14:1
Enrollment Rate 40%
Retention Rate 73%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 38%
Number of Online Programs 1

Davenport is a leader in delivering transformative online graduate and undergraduate programs using a flexible and cheap format for students. To support the affordability of online programs, students may apply for scholarships, funded by private donations to the esteemed Davenport University Foundation. Among the school’s most popular online programs is its business administration degree with a major in sport management.

In the 120-credit, affordable online sports management degree program, students learn about sports management and core business principles within a curriculum that balances theory with real-world experience. The program includes several internship opportunities in which students receive program credit for 300 hours of applied work experience. The curriculum focuses on legal, regulatory, marketing, and operational aspects of sport venue management, including unique courses like entrepreneurial finance or financial analysis for business managers, human resource management, and sport analytics. Most classes are delivered in an asynchronous format, so students can access lectures and assignments at any time.

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Bellevue University

Value Score 5.16
Students Receiving Financial Aid 82%
Net Price $12,880
Graduation Rate 31%
Student to Faculty Ratio 32:1
Enrollment Rate 33%
Retention Rate 48%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 14%
Number of Online Programs 1

Bellevue’s sport management degree is the perfect cheap online sports management degree program for students seeking a balance of business and management principles with sports and recreation concepts. The affordable program’s curriculum reinforces essential professional skills, including critical thinking, management, and problem solving, along with the techniques needed to thrive in the professional world, such as finance, marketing, and communications. To reinforce student success, and ensure competitiveness in the job market, all students have access to the business administration minor, including classes in financial accounting, managerial accounting, and management science.

Beyond the curriculum, Bellevue is fully committed to supporting students, and provides a range of resources to help online learners succeed. Students have access to the Service Desk for hardware or software support, online library resources are available 24/7, and the academic readiness assessment tool helps prospective students gauge their academic, technological, and financial readiness for pursuing a degree online.

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Colorado Mesa University

Value Score 4.83
Students Receiving Financial Aid 91%
Net Price $13,142
Graduation Rate 29%
Student to Faculty Ratio 23:1
Enrollment Rate 38%
Retention Rate 66%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 78%
Number of Online Programs 1

CMU makes it easy for students to balance their life commitments with their education. Students are able to cultivate their own affordable learning experience through collaboration and engagement with faculty and fellow students in discussion forums, real-time electronic classrooms, and online assignment submission in multimedia formats. For students seeking careers in sports management, the BS in sport management at CMU is an excellent choice.

CMU’s online sports management degree prepares students to enter the world of sport business by covering essential topics, including leadership, ethics, governance, communication, and legal considerations in sport operations. Additionally, students take a range of business and management courses, including microeconomics, macroeconomics, sport in society, sport operations, and leadership and ethics in sport. This educational background prepares graduates to oversee a range of sport programs and facilities in public and private settings, including colleges and universities, government, and even the military.

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Wilmington University

Value Score 4.78
Students Receiving Financial Aid 79%
Net Price $14,296
Graduation Rate 34%
Student to Faculty Ratio 14:1
Enrollment Rate 33%
Retention Rate 61%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 50%
Number of Online Programs 2

Wilmington's affordable and prestigious online BS in sports management degree is taught by esteemed faculty with experience in the field. Professors have excelled professionally as sports attorneys, sports agents, and NCAA leaders, and they are able to integrate a useful mixture of academic theory and practical advice. The program requires 27 credits of essential core courses — including college math and public speaking — and offers students access to elective courses in several disciplines, including sports psychology, sociology, and even Spanish.

The online sports management program includes weekly readings, assignments, and learning activities all delivered within Blackboard, the university’s flexible online learning platform. This allows students and faculty members to communicate via e-mail, chat, and discussion forums. Students pursuing online coursework participate 3-5 days per week, and reap the same educational benefits as students matriculated in on-campus degree programs.

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