Affordable Online Master’s Degrees in Math Education

As you may have inferred from the name, math education is an academic field that prepares future math teachers for the classroom. Unlike a straightforward mathematics degree that focuses solely on theoretical principles, a math education masters also incorporates courses focused on teaching and learning concepts. If your passion lies in educating students of all ages about mathematical principles, math education is an excellent path to follow.

A bachelor’s degree in math education prepares you for general classroom teaching, but a math education master’s program truly digs into the nuances of effective teaching strategies and advanced mathematical principles. It also helps students become competitive for leadership roles in the field which can lead to higher earning potential. Some of the topics you can expect to cover in an online master’s in math education include the use of technology in math education, advanced mathematical methods, pedagogy, global perspectives, and contemporary issues in the field. An online masters in mathematics prepares you for teaching and administrative positions in secondary education, including middle and high school classrooms. Both of these areas offer salaries in the mid $50k range and are set to grow at the national average of 6% between 2014 and 2024.

Completing a master’s in math education online won’t lead to a massively high-paying career, but it will provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping future generations become well-educated in mathematical principles that will serve them well in life. Because many master’s level students are also working while completing their postgraduate studies, the following list of top cheap programs was created with maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness in mind. Students who choose any affordable school from this list need not worry about whether or not their degree will net them a job, as every program listed is fully accredited and comes with a high return on investment.

Most Affordable Online Master's Degrees in Math Education
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Western Governors University

Value Score 9.10
Average Tuition $6,500
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 100
Number of Online Programs 1

An exclusively online university established in 1995, WGU caters to working professionals who are unable to complete their bachelor's or master's degree in-person. The university offers students a, competency-based rather than credits-based academic model. With available resources like an online library boasting thousands of full-text journals, ebooks, and other resources, WGU students work collaboratively in online communities that foster educational growth.

Students with a bachelor's degree who are seeking licensure as middle or high school math teachers are on the right track pursuing their master of arts in teaching mathematics at WGU. Program enrollees include substitute teachers, retired military personnel, school paraprofessionals, and other professionals looking to make a career change. The program offers a middle school option and a high school option, with courses like mathematics history and research foundations. Students can expect to spend around 15 hours per week on coursework. This affordable online master’s in math education from WGU culminates in supervised practice teaching and a capstone project.

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North Greenville University

Value Score 7.77
Average Tuition $6,750
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 80
Number of Online Programs 1

Tucked among the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Greenville, South Carolina, NGU's campus is one of the most scenic in the nation. NGU is affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention and is one of the most respected Christian universities in the country. Offering more than 50 cheap degree programs, NGU's mission is to integrate academics with a Christian worldview and cultural experiences to encourage growth of both spirit and knowledge.

NGU offers a 42-credit master’s degree program in teaching math. The program features a Christ-focused curriculum, and students will be prepared for licensure in South Carolina upon graduation. Prospective students can apply for the online master’s in math education at NGU at any time thanks to the university’s rolling enrollment, and eight-week terms start five times throughout the year.

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Northern Arizona University

Value Score 7.17
Average Tuition $8,691
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 59
Number of Online Programs 1

NAU's master's of science in mathematics education curriculum covers the connection between the content, instruction, and practice of mathematics. At NAU, you can complete your master’s in math education online with one exception: one course does require student collaboration, but that can typically be done electronically. Concentrated on critical concepts for middle and high school math as well as college-level math, this master's program is not designed to prepare students for teaching at community colleges. Students in the program are trained to use a myriad of teaching tools to design engaging and interactive lessons. Program graduates become positive influences and champions for their students, helping them enjoy and succeed at mathematics.

An affordable program geared toward working teachers, the online master’s in math education at NAU does not lead to a teacher certification. Potential careers for program graduates include teaching at the middle and high school levels.

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Drury University

Value Score 5.08
Average Tuition $16,440
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 64
Number of Online Programs 1

Founded in 1873 in Springfield, Missouri, Drury University has long been recognized for its sterling academic programs. The university’s distance learning courses provide quality instruction on flexible schedules for working professionals. The excellence of Drury’s online education programs is no surprise, considering the university was one of the first schools to offer digital distance learning, back in 1999. U.S. News and World Report named Drury the “Best Value Midwest Regional University” in 2016 for its affordable, quality programs. The university offers five cheap graduate courses with small classes, at an average of 18 students per class. The school boasts a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

Drury now offers an online master's of education in instructional mathematics K-8. Designed for students who already have a teaching certificate, this program can be completed entirely online with no mandatory in-person components.

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Nova Southeastern University

Value Score 5.00
Average Tuition $16,760
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 55
Number of Online Programs 1

NSU is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is a certified research university with a “high research activity” classification from the Carnegie Foundation. NSU has also been recognized as an official Hispanic-serving Institution by the U.S. Department of Education. The university provides students with state-of-the-art classrooms, networking opportunities, internships, and flexible course schedules.

With a master's in mathematics education from NSU, graduates are prepared to teach math at the middle, secondary, and postsecondary levels. Program students learn about curriculum development, student assessment, and instruction techniques with a focus on geometry, algebra, calculus, and problem-solving. The master’s in math education online program is heavily research-oriented, with a concentration on best practices within the field. The program's cheap tuition and flexible course of study is designed for working teachers and professionals pursuing a career change, allowing them to retain existing jobs and/or family time. The math education master’s program is offered through NSU's Fischler College of Education, which is one of the largest education schools in the country.

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Mercy College

Value Score 4.90
Average Tuition $14,904
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 33
Number of Online Programs 1

An affordable college located in Dobbs Ferry, New York, Mercy offers small class sizes and a correspondingly low student-to-faculty ratio. The university is comprised of six colleges, including a School of Education, and offers a total of 40 online programs using the Blackboard LMS. As Mercy is home of the Mavericks, students don blue and white as they represent the school’s athletic programs, academic teams, and overall spirit.

The 36-credit, 12 course master’s in mathematics and secondary education offered by Mercy prepares graduates to educate students in grade 7-12 math. Students who have completed their master’s in math education online at Mercy have advanced knowledge of both mathematics and instruction through the nationally-accredited program, which combines theory with fieldwork. All candidates are provided mentors to help them achieve academic success in the program.

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Lesley University

Value Score 4.04
Average Tuition $17,100
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 22
Number of Online Programs 1

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Lesley University serves almost 5,000 graduate students every year. Today, there are 84,000 Lesley alumni around the world.

Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, probability, number theory, and instruction are all part of Lesley's online master's in mathematics education, but the program also provides students with strategies for bridging mathematics theory with practical education. Coursework, which can be completed entirely online, combines mathematics with instruction, technology, and assessment techniques. Graduates from the relatively cheap program are equipped to create friendly, positive learning environments for their students that extend to parents and local communities. Lesley students also learn the importance of practicing self-assessment throughout their careers to continuously enhance their instructional strategies, methods, and outcomes.

Designed for busy, working professionals, Lesley's master's in math education online offers flexible course schedules, allowing you to complete your education without sacrificing career or family priorities. Students in the program are also provided with one-on-one academic advisement, geared toward ensuring all students are equipped to succeed in the online master’s in math education program.

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Drexel University

Value Score 3.04
Average Tuition $31,239
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 46
Number of Online Programs 1

Drexel University is a world-class global research institution located in Philadelphia. Home to 26,000 students, Drexel is among the nation’s 15 largest private universities. Additionally, Drexel’s distance learning program is one of the oldest of its kind in the country. Students pursuing their online master’s in math education at Drexel can rest assured that they’re receiving a top-notch education; Drexel’s School of Education is the 26th best graduate program among private universities, according to U.S. News & World Report.

The master's of science in mathematics learning and teaching at Drexel is designed to educate students on cutting-edge practices in developing reasoning and problem-solving techniques to solve math challenges. The math education master’s program helps students develop the skills they need to teach successfully in middle and high schools. Graduates from the affordable program are equipped to provide technology-heavy, student-centric education. Drexel's program also advocates strong communication and leadership skills to help graduates guide not only their students, but also students' parents and their communities.

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University of Detroit Mercy

Value Score 2.45
Average Tuition $26,802
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 9
Number of Online Programs 1

UD-Mercy is home to just under 5,000 students every year, participating in more than 100 diverse academic programs across the university’s seven schools. The university offers its students small class sizes and an 11-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, providing personalized support and education to promote academic and career success.

At UD-Mercy, students pursuing their master's of arts in teaching mathematics will strengthen and solidify their math skills to subsequently teach mathematics at middle and high school levels. Students working toward their master’s in math education online at UD-Mercy are exposed to modern methods for teaching math, including the use of cutting-edge technology to enhance their students’ classroom experience. Candidates graduate prepared to design engaging curricula and update instructional techniques within their school’s mathematics program. UD-Mercy students also become familiarized with the most up-to-date research in the field and conduct their own studies to complete their master’s theses at the culmination of the degree.

UD-Mercy is known for excellent academics, but is also highly affordable, offering a range of financial aid packages and discounts. Most notable among these discounts is a 60% tuition discount for practicing Michigan teachers.

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