Affordable Online Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs

By working with people when they are at their most vulnerable, psychologists play an important role in one’s overall health. They may help children cope with a divorce, work with addicts to overcome drug and alcohol dependency, or provide tools for managing stress and anxiety. While a doctorate is required to become a licensed psychologist, an affordable online psychology degree prepares students for meaningful careers in counseling, school guidance, or social work, while also laying the foundation for further education.

Psychologists require clinical training to diagnose and effectively treat mental health conditions, and an online psychology master’s degree program is terrific preparation to enter this growing discipline. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 19% growth in jobs in this field through 2024, thanks to an increased demand for mental health services in health care, schools, governments, and corporations. Psychologists earn an average of $75,230 per year after completing a doctorate and required licensing. With 15 areas of specialization in psychology, students can tailor their education to their interests and anticipated practices.

Most Affordable Online Master's Degrees in Psychology
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Fort Hays State University

Value Score 9.00
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 87
Number of Online Programs 1

The graduate program in school psychology at FHSU prepares students for entry into the school psychology profession. Graduates from the program are eligible for licensure as school psychologists in Kansas, as well as other states.

The online master's degree in psychology is designed for busy students who are unable to attend traditional classes, and only requires FIVE days on campus for advanced workshops. The Master's program is designed to be completed in four semesters, including two summer workshops.

FHSU is located in the heart of Kansas, and is a world leader in distance education. The University offers more than 40 online degrees designed for adult learners. Online students have the freedom to study anytime and anywhere, in programs that are ranked as some of the best online.

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The University of Texas at Tyler

Value Score 8.71
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 83
Number of Online Programs 1

The online master of arts in school counseling from UT Tyler prepares students to become proficient, creative, culturally aware, and competent school counselors. Graduates will be able to assume active roles in counseling, consulting, and leadership.

Students will base their work on a fundamental understanding of comprehensive developmental school counseling programs, including learning methods for planning, development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. The online master's degree in psychology prepares students to be systematic thinkers with the ability to work from a theoretical counseling perspective.

Students can complete all of the programs coursework online, and have the ability to graduate within 18 months. The university also offers currently employed, full-time K-12 teachers $200 grands for their first graduate semesters through the Teachers in Excellence Scholarship.

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Adams State University

Value Score 8.59
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 95
Number of Online Programs 1

The MA in counseling from Adams State is designed to provide HR professionals with the necessary skills for becoming professional counselors. The university's mental health and school counseling programs are CACREP accredited.

The program emphasizes clinical mental health and school counseling, and can be taken in online and Colorado campus formats. The online psychology master's degree provides students with the four general competencies necessary to become effective counselors: sound therapeutic skills, comprehensive theoretical knowledge of psychology, a strong personal identity as a counselor, and a self-aware, self-reflective stance as a professional.

Adams State University is experiencing an influx in enrollment, with its recent number of 3,701 students representing the university's all-time high. Founded in 1921 as a teachers' college, Adams state now offers many undergraduate majors, as well as master's degree programs and a doctoral program, most of which can be completed online.

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University of the Cumberlands

Value Score 8.57
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 99
Number of Online Programs 1

The University of the Cumberlands online counseling programs through the University's School of Counseling (UCSC) provides students with the skills and knowledge to become mental health counselors, addiction counselors, and counseling leaders.

The UCSC faculty are distinguished in research, scholarship, and professional integrity, and are dedicated to impacting the counseling profession to effect greater positive change. Graduates will be prepared to promote greater human understanding, dignity, and positive relationship. The accredited online counseling programs at the University of Cumberlands track study in multiple areas within the field.

The program is designed to serve recent graduates and other professionals who hope to expand their expertise as mental health counselors. The university offers both a clinical mental health counseling and addiction counseling track. The school's accelerated eight-week bi-terms provide students with the opportunity to complete their degrees in the shortest time possible; many degree programs can be completed in as few as 10 months.

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Angelo State University

Value Score 8.46
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 77
Number of Online Programs 1

The master of science in applied psychology program at Angelo State exposes students to a broad cross-section of courses, covering many of the core theories of psychology. While the program can be taken totally online, students have the option of taking on-campus electives that will count towards their degree. Classes focus on how psychology can be used to improve health, increase safety, better education, increase prosperity, enhance decision making, and promote democratic principles.

This online psychology master's degree can lead to careers in community college teaching, human services agencies, PhD studies, and advancement in related organizations.

Angelo state university was founded in 1928, and is part of the Texas Tech University System. Located in San Angelo, Texas, the university spans over 268 acres and enrolls more than 9000 students. The school's motto, "Fiat Lux," is Latin for "Let there be light."

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Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Value Score 8.01
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 48
Number of Online Programs 2

SWOSU offers multiple online psychology master's degree programs, including an MS in community counseling, an MS in school psychology, an MEd in school psychometry, an MEd in school counseling, and Special Program Curriculum for Licensed Professional Counseling (LPC).

Southwestern Oklahoma State is known for its quality academic programs and its friendly service for students, alumni, and friends alike.

Located in the center of Western Oklahoma, students can take on-campus classes in Weatherford or Sayre. Students can also participate in many programs completely online through distance learning programs employing state-of-the-art technology.

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University of West Alabama

Value Score 7.94
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 89
Number of Online Programs 1

An MS in experimental psychology from UWA trains students in psychology-based statistics and research methods, both necessary skills for PhD programs and highly in demand by potential employers. The program covers the core fields of psychology, while giving students the opportunity to choose elective courses and pursue their own interests within the field. The university is committed to providing all students, whether online or on campus, with the specialized attention that is expected of the on-campus programs and is sometimes missing from online classes.

The online master's degree in psychology prepares students for doctoral programs, provides base training in a range of psychology fields, and provides students with teaching assistant and travel abroad opportunities.

Taking a full load of six online courses per term means students can complete their entire degree in one year, however there is no requirement to take a full course load each term. The program was designed to be flexible and convenient for working students.

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University of North Dakota

Value Score 7.88
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 51
Number of Online Programs 1

At UND, students can begin pursuing their MA in forensic psychology every fall or spring. The program takes about two years to complete, requiring 35 credits and only a single on-campus visit. The college also offers in-state tuition regardless of residency, making it an extremely affordable online master's degree in psychology.

UND's online MA in forensic psychology program emphasizes the relationship between psychological evaluations and social service systems. The program provides graduates with outstanding analytical, statistical, and evaluation skills. Students will also gain an in-depth understanding of the US legal system, and the role forensic scientists play within it.

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Summit University of Pennsylvania

Value Score 7.75
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 66
Number of Online Programs 1

At Clarks Summit, students are called by God to share life changing hope. Earning an online master's degree in psychology equips recent grads and working professionals with the necessary skills for passing the National Certified Counselor (NCC) exam, applying for licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and pursuing professional counseling careers, as well as undertaking ministry leadership positions.

The affordable online master's degree in psychology from Clarks Summit can be completed in as few as three years, necessitating 60 credit hours. The university also offer a 30 credit, completely online MA in counseling. The counseling concentration does not make graduates eligible for licensure, however, graduates will be prepared to provide biblical counsel in a wide range of roles in and outside of the church.

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University of Utah

Value Score 7.62
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 8
Number of Online Programs 1

The Division of Occupational Therapy at the University of Utah offers an online master's degree in psychology. The program provides students with a strong and up-to-date theoretical base, helps them develop their leadership skills, and instills the knowledge and skills necessary for evidence-based research.

Courses at the University of Utah combine traditional online learning with interactive learning. Students earning their online psychology master's degree increases are highly engaged with their instructors and classmates, as well as their course materials; interactive learning is proven to improve learning outcomes.

The University of Utah, known as The U, was founded in 1850, and is a world-renowned public research university. Enrollment at the university is greater than 31,000, and the U ranks among the world's top 70 research universities. Students on campus and online can choose from more than 90 degree programs.

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Missouri Valley College

Value Score 7.35
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 0
Number of Online Programs 1

An MA in community counseling from MVC prepares students to be successful in their work with children, adolescents, adults, families, and groups. Graduates often work in hospitals, private practice, and clinics. The master's degree in psychology online from Missouri Valley prepares students for licensure as Licensed Professional Counselors in Missouri and other states. The courses are formatted to be flexible, based around busy working students' full-time employment.

The online master's degree in psychology program aims to provide students with the necessary skills to become successful professionals in counseling. The university aims to foster and promote reflective thinking, and encourages students to integrate knowledge, theory, and clinical application through experiential opportunities and dynamic coursework.

Graduates from the program will understand the developmental aspects of human growth, be aware of the social and cultural influences that affect human behavior, demonstrate effective group and individual counseling skills, and gain knowledge and skills in assessment. Graduates will also be consumers of professional research literature, have a thorough understanding of the counseling profession, and demonstrate a willingness to provide their counseling services within the ethical boundaries of the profession.

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Touro University Worldwide

Value Score 7.35
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 100
Number of Online Programs 2

At Touro University, the MA in psychology program is designed to extend students' foundational knowledge in the field. Coursework delves into research methods, cognitive psychology, social psychology, personality, learning theory, and ethical practice in psychology. The university places an emphasis on practical application, so students are challenged to apply their psychological research in real-world contexts.

Students typically pursue careers in business, marketing, health services, criminal justice, media, communication, or education. Graduates will understand how consumers think, and what motivates them. Graduates will also understand how to develop marketing plans based on psychological market research.

Touro is a nonprofit institution, established to develop passionate, connected learning community. In addition to online and on-campus courses, the school also provides administrative services, modern technology, and a top-tier academic faculty. As a nonprofit university, all resources are reinvested into improving the already excellent quality of education at Touro.

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Corban University

Value Score 7.25
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 100
Number of Online Programs 1

Students pursuing their online master's degree in psychology from Corban will develop a counseling framework that includes the demonstration of various psychotherapeutic orientations, allowing students to develop therapeutic relationships while delivering supervised clinical skills to individuals and to groups.

Students will also develop their professional identities as counselors. Graduates will be able to articulate a theological framework that shows their ability to integrate Christian principles In their work, as well as their awareness of spiritual issues that impact clients. All graduates will be prepared to work with populations from diverse backgrounds. Students will graduate ready to start the licensure process for becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) or National Certified Counselor (NCC). Students can choose to concentrate their education in family studies or pre-counseling/clinical psychology.

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Austin Peay State University

Value Score 7.10
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 78
Number of Online Programs 1

Student's pursuing Austin Peay's master of science in industrial-organizational psychology (MSIO) will undertake a program which follows the guidelines for master's level training provided by the processional organization Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology (SIOP).

Students choose Austin Peay for the convenience of its online learning programs, which represent academic quality and rigor. Students will be supported along the way by faculty and classmates. Online students are kept fully integrated in their programs through virtual rooms, phone calls, emails, and the use of the latest distance learning technology.

Students in the program will be trained in I/O theories and research methods, and how to apply those methods in workplace settings for industry and government organizations. Students can develop their expertise in a variety of concentration areas, including training and development, performance appraisal, motivation, team performance, and leadership.

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University of Louisiana at Monroe

Value Score 7.09
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 44
Number of Online Programs 1

The MS in psychology at ULM offers concentrations in three areas: general psychology, psychometrics, and forensic psychology, which is among the fastest growing disciplines in psychology. Students majoring in forensic psychology will have an understanding of criminal justice procedures, criminological theories, and psychological theories. Graduates from the forensic psychology concentration will be poised for careers in law enforcement, the courts, corrections, child protection services, and the legal profession.

The University of Louisiana Monroe is a public institution founded in 1931. The school uses a semester-based academic calendar.

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University of Georgia

Value Score 7.05
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 8
Number of Online Programs 1

The master of education (MEd) in educational psychology, applied cognition and development is offered through the University of Georgia's College of Education. The affordable online master's degree in psychology explores how human cognitive, motivational, and developmental processes affect education.

The program is designed to be accompanied by a secondary focus area, in learning with technology, learning across the lifespan, qualitative approaches to education, or development of high intellectual capacity. The program's graduates are qualified to work as teachers, in lifespan development setting, research in schools and industry, institutional research, religious education, military education, and educational technology.

The University of Georgia is based in Athens, Georgia, and its main campus stretches across 762 acres. The school employs almost 3000 faculty members. The University of Georgia's graduate education programs are ranked third in the country by U.S. News & World Report for 2016.

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Ball State University

Value Score 7.01
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 66
Number of Online Programs 1

At Ball State, the master of arts in educational psychology is delivered completely online. The curriculum for the program is research-based, and is designed to be convenient and relevant. The MA is aimed towards education professionals those in related fields, however students can complete the 18-month MA regardless of their profession.

Online master's degree courses at Ball State are taught by nationally recognized faculty who teach on the Ball State campus. Students are able to choose from a range of concentration areas, and are free to focus on the skills most necessary for their individual career goals.

The MA in educational psychology is convenient, and prepares students for in-demand professions. Students may also choose to pursue an online psychology master's degree in quantitative psychology. The school also offers an on-campus PhD program in educational psychology for student wishing to pursue the highest degree in the field.

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University of Idaho

Value Score 6.99
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 37
Number of Online Programs 1

The MS in psychology: human factors is delivered through UI's Psychology and Communication Studies Department, which offers both a major and a minor in psychology and communication studies. The department also offers an MS in experimental psychology, with an emphasis on human factors.

Admission to the school's College of Graduate Studies (COGS) is competitive, and requires an undergraduate degree in psychology or a related field as well as a minimum 3.0 GPA. Students hoping for a place in the program must have taken courses in introductory statistics, experimental psychology or research methods, cognitive psychology, and sensation and perception.

COGS graduates are highly in demand, with the average salary for mid-career graduates at nearly $85,000 annually.

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Missouri University of Science and Technology

Value Score 6.93
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 41
Number of Online Programs 1

The MS in industrial organizational psychology (I/O) at the Missouri S&T is designed for students wishing to pursue careers in one of today's fasting growing industries, with I/O psychology predicted to grow by 53% over the next five years.

I/O Psychologists will be prepared to develop assessments of employees for selection and job placements, as well as develop effective training programs, strategies for organizational development, measurement of performance, and ways to enhance quality of life for workers. Students can select between three tracks: leadership in technical organizations, psychometrics, and human factors.

Graduates from Missouri S&T are highly in demand, and alumni have gone on to work on the International Space station, run NASCAR teams, search for cancer cures, win academy awards, and work for Fortune 500 companies. S&T provides students with the the Career Opportunities & Employer Relations (COER) department, in which students will be able to access career counseling and help finding jobs.

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Saint Leo University

Value Score 6.73
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 87
Number of Online Programs 1

At Saint Leo, students wishing to pursue a MS in criminal justice with a specialization in behavioral studies can earn their online psychology master's degree in a competitive, quality program.

An MS in criminal justice from Saint Leo helps criminal justice administrators, first responders, and government officials understand the role of behavioral studies in and the role psychology plays in the investigation of criminal offences. The degree program looks at how criminal behavior and the criminal code are used to solve criminal cases, and how clinical aspects of behavioral disorders impact individuals. Students also learn about behavioral cues in interviews, and the function of those cues within the courts system.

Saint Leo is one of the leading military colleges in the US, and has been educating criminal justice professionals for over 30 years. The school's criminal justice model is based on Catholic values, putting moral consciousness at the forefront and recognizing the "dignity, value, and gifts of all people." Founded in 1889 and based in Tampa, FL, Saint Leo University is a private, regionally accredited university that enrolls almost 16,000 students globally.

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University of Northern Colorado

Value Score 6.55
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 49
Number of Online Programs 3

UNC offers remote students the opportunity to complete their educational psychology MA online. The degree's teaching emphasis means students will learn about classroom methods for balanced, engaged learning, while preparing for state mandated testing measurements. The program helps teachers foster an environment for student confidence and critical thinking in their classroom.

Graduates of the program will understand of the brain and the environment influence academic development, what motivates students, the role of society in learning, and how to develop students' interest in learning. The online psychology master's degree prepares graduates to work in teaching, educational consulting, business and industry training, research positions, and measurement and assessment positions.

The master's program at UNC is created to be flexible around students' busy schedules. The program can be completed in a single year, or spread out over a longer time period. All courses are offered during the summer in order to accommodate teachers' schedules.

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Union College

Value Score 6.48
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 87
Number of Online Programs 1

The MA in psychology program at Union is designed for students who are seeking to advance their careers, or would like to pursue their doctorate in psychology. The degree is also useful for those wishing to advance in related fields or develop a better understanding of psychology in order to expand their general learning ability.

This master's degree in psychology online combines advanced psychology coursework with a capstone, integrated research-based thesis. Graduates will be prepared to understand research, become consumers of research literature, and think critically and scientifically.

The online format of the courses is extremely user-friendly, offering all day technical support and never requiring an on-campus visit to Barbourville. Despite the lack of requirement, online students are always welcome on campus to meet with their professors face to face.

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Grace College and Theological Seminary

Value Score 6.25
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 48
Number of Online Programs 1

The MA in clinical mental health counseling at Grace College allows students to complete their coursework in a mostly online format, only requiring on-campus attendance for 7-10 days annually in Winona Lake, Indiana. The online psychology master's degree program is committed to the Bible as the foundation for each course, along with the knowledge of psychology and the social sciences. The Seminary is also committed to the professional and social development of every student in order to ensure their effectiveness as professional counselors.

Graduates from Grace College have served in various US ministries and around the world. The college has also helped many undergraduates enjoy a challenging and vibrant academic environment from a Christian worldview.

The college is made up of six schools: the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Behavioral Sciences, the School of Business, the School of Education, the School of Ministry Studies, and the School of Adult and Community Education.

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University of Memphis

Value Score 6.20
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 34
Number of Online Programs 1

An online MS in educational psychology from the University of Memphis prepares leaders in education to teach or perform basic and applied research, among a wide array of other professional roles in which an understanding of human development, learning, and cognition is required. The online psychology master's degree from UofM is designed to meet the needs of busy working students who cannot attend traditional on-campus classes.

Graduate students at UofM come from a variety of backgrounds and have a range of interests and career aspirations. Many students are teachers or hope to become teachers, while others pursue careers as school psychologists, school administrators, military personnel, health professionals, ministers, law enforcement officers, social workers, and consultants. What students in the UofM master's in educational psychology program have in common, however, is a commitment to the application of psychological research for the resolution of contemporary social and educational problems.

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, the UofM is a major US research institution. Founded in 1912, the University enrolls more than 21,000 students every year.

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Colorado State University-Fort Collins

Value Score 6.12
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 32
Number of Online Programs 1

Students in the master of applied industrial/organizational psychology (MAIOP) program at CSU-Fort Collins study the behavior of individuals in businesses and organizations in order to develop strategies for performance improvement and increased productivity for that organization.

Students will learn how to employ research for solving practical workspace issues and apply their foundational knowledge of psychology principles to human resources leadership. This online master's degree in psychology is practitioner-oriented, providing students with the research and consulting-based knowledge and skills.

Graduates of the program will be able to select and retain high-quality employees, identify training needs, create and implement strategies for employee development programs, address complex work space issues like diversity and anti-discrimination policies, design employee satisfaction and opinion surveys, analyze workplace program effectiveness, assess employee performance, and use research to improve the quality of their organization's work environments.

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Southwestern Assemblies of God University

Value Score 5.96
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 93
Number of Online Programs 1

At SAGU, students can earn their master's degree in counseling psychology online. The Harrison Graduate School at SAGU offers flexible courses to accommodate the busy schedules of working students. For the counseling psychology program, students will be required to take at least seven of the twenty required courses on-campus. Those courses can be taken in the evening or on Saturdays.

The counseling psychology touches on a broad range of field specializations, including ethical and legal issues, counseling in a pluralistic society, methods in marriage and family counseling, theories of counseling and psychotherapy, personal lifestyle and career development, crisis intervention, human growth and lifespan development, tests and assessment, clinical psychopathology, and statistics for the behavioral sciences.

SAGU has been growing significantly since the early 1990s with major enrollment increased and expanded curriculum. The school's name wasn't officially The Southwestern Assemblies of God University until 1994, at which time the Board of Regents approved the new name as a more accurate reflection of its mission as a Bible university focused on theological and professional studies.

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Eastern Washington University

Value Score 5.85
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 12
Number of Online Programs 1

The education specialist in school psychology respecialization at Eastern Washington is designed for working students, and is offered through synchronous online coursework with some in-person training requirements. Graduates from the program will earn a school psychology certificate, as well as an educational specialist degree in school psychology.

The program adheres to a scientist-practitioner model that prepares students for careers as school psychologies. Students will learn to evaluate students and programs through standard measurement principles, develop tactics for academic and social-behavior intervention, and research methods. The program prepares graduates to intervene at individual, small group, and school-wide levels.

Eastern Washington University's Psychology Department promotes the learning of core psychology principles, develop students' research skills, and further students' analytical, logical, and creative thinking. Students can pursue specialized areas, such as clinical psychology, experimental psychology, school psychology, mental health counseling, and school counseling.

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The University of Alabama

Value Score 5.41
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 34
Number of Online Programs 1

The University of Alabama, located in picturesque Tuscaloosa, offers an MA in educational psychology with an emphasis on learning and assessment. Students will become familiar with the educational assessment and evaluation process, as well as the underlying psychological theories.

The online program trains students in learning sciences, cognition, educational research, and program evaluation. The format of UA's online psychology master's degree program is designed to complement students' busy schedules. The 30-credit hour program is taught by the same faculty as courses on UA's campus, and is open to both educators and non-educators. Graduates from the program typically go on to pursue careers as education professionals, leaders in governmental children and youth programs, youth ministers and counselors, and business managers.

The University of Alabama is ranked among the nation's top 50 public universities according to the U.S. News and World Report's annual college rankings, and has held its position on the list for more than a decade.

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The University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Value Score 5.25
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 17
Number of Online Programs 1

The affordable online master's degree in psychology offered by UT-Knoxville was designed for working professionals who have already begun their careers in schools, colleges, universities, business and government, as well as those students poised to begin their careers in those areas.

The UT faculty deliver the online courses that make up the master's degree program through synchronous methodology, meaning students are required to be online with the instructor and their fellow students at the designated evening class time. The program requires 36 hours of non-thesis coursework, as well as a comprehensive examination. The degree can be earned in two years by taking two online classes per semester for six consecutive semesters.

Students can choose to concentrate their online master's degree in psychology in adult education or applied educational psychology. UT-Knoxville is the state's flagship land grant university, and a public research institution. The University is part of the larger UT system, which includes UT Chattanooga, UT Martin, the UT Institute of Agriculture, the UT Health Science Center, and the UT Space Institute.

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Eastern Michigan University

Value Score 5.11
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 31
Number of Online Programs 1

EMU's master of arts in educational psychology (EPDL) was created for individuals who want to help students develop academically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Students in the EPDL program will be challenged to ask questions and find solutions, then apply those findings to real-world situations.

Eastern Michigan's online psychology master's degree program is designed to "promote inquiry, advocacy, and leadership in education for a diverse and democratic society." Graduates will be qualified practitioners and researchers. The program's focus is on the application of psychological theories, principles, and concepts to academic and non-academic situations.

Graduates will have the ability to understand psychological concepts as they apply to the development of children and teenagers, use research to develop programs that foster learning in a positive environments, create research studies with the goal of improving student outcomes, and understand the dimensions of diverse populations and how that impacts development and learning.

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California Baptist University

Value Score 5.09
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 24
Number of Online Programs 1

An online master's psychology degree at CBU prepares students to become marriage and family therapists or professional clinical counselors. The MS in counseling psychology degree provides students with the understanding of psychology from a distinctly Christian viewpoint.

Graduates will have the ability to treat and assess couples, families, and individuals who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships. The program meets the requirements for licensing in California as a marriage and family therapist or as a licensed professional clinical counselor.

The online MS in counseling psychology program prepares students with both a psychological and spiritual foundation to satisfy the requirements for California licensure. Classes can be taken in two formats, both as a virtual hybrid with synchronous high definition online interactions or in an asynchronous online format, allowing students to work at their own pace. In the asynchronous format, students work on a convenient and accelerated schedule, utilizing the most current technologies for live interactions between professors and other students.

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Colorado Christian University

Value Score 4.67
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 65
Number of Online Programs 1

Tucked away in scenic Colorado, CCU's master of arts in counseling (MAC) program combines rigorous coursework, hands-on learning, and quality mentorships to provide students with the necessary skills to become culturally responsive counselors.

The MAC program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) and was the most awarded program by the Colorado Counseling Association Conference in 2015.

100% or graduates from CCU's MAC program passed the National Counselor Exam in 2015, and scored 15% higher than 2015's NCE National average. The university integrates Faith Informed Clinical Identity and Practice (FICIP) into all coursework. Students at CCU represent all 51 U.S. states, as well as 17 countries for a total enrollment of 7,379 students.

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Tiffin University

Value Score 4.52
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 85
Number of Online Programs 1

An MS in psychology from Tiffin offers students a broad, graduate-level education in specified psychology subject areas, including developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, and neuropsychology. Graduates from the program will have a thorough understanding of human thought and behavior, as well as research and analysis skills that can be applied across a broad array of organizational settings.

Graduate will also be qualified to teach psychology courses at community colleges, and pursue their doctorate in psychology if desired. The MS in psychology degree is focused on scientific/experimental psychology, not counseling or clinical psychology, and does not lead to licensure.

Students in Tiffin's M.S. in I/O program can earn their degree in about two years, depending on whether they choose to enroll in one or two classes at a time. Class sizes at Tiffin are small, ranging between 10 and 15 students, and programs start every January, March, May, July, August, and October for online learners.

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Carlos Albizu University-Miami

Value Score 4.47
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 27
Number of Online Programs 1

Located in sunny Miami, Florida, Carlos Albizu University offers an online MS in industrial and organizational psychology (I/O) which prepares students to become competent and culturally sensitive I/O practitioners. Graduates will have practical training in selection and placement, training, development, performance measurement, organizational development, and quality work/life balance.

The online program allows for maximum flexibility, affording students the ability to pursue their online psychology master's degree on whatever timeline is most convenient for them. Faculty at Carlos Albizu are active professionals in the field, who are able to provide students with not only theories and research, but also practical knowledge of the field of I/O.

The program provides students with opportunities to engage in applied research and capstone projects, allowing students an experiential aspect to their education. Graduates of the program and students within the program have had their research findings published in respected professional journals.

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Wright State University-Main Campus

Value Score 4.44
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 29
Number of Online Programs 1

Students seeking online psychology master's degree programs can pursue a specialized degree at Wright State. The school offers a master's in rehabilitation counseling for chemical dependency (MRC), an essential degree for those looking to create positive change for individuals and communities through guidance past drug and alcohol addictions.

An MRC at from Wright State University qualifies graduates to take the Certified Rehabilitation Counsellor (CRC) exam. The program's curriculum delves into the subjects of addiction, rehabilitation, and counseling theory and practice. Graduates from the program typically pursue careers as chemical dependency and rehabilitation counselors, prevention specialists, and assistant counselors.

Students can also choose to specialize in rehabilitation counseling for severe disabilities. Graduates work with individuals dealing with a variety of concerns, including physical, mental, emotional, and social disabilities. Graduates from the severe disabilities program lead to careers as vocational evaluators, rehabilitation counselors, and rehabilitation specialists, often working in hospitals, private practices, and state and federal agencies.

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Franklin University

Value Score 4.40
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 72
Number of Online Programs 1

With an online master's degree in psychology from Franklin University, students will have the ability to apply insights into human behavior to solving business problems.

The MS in business psychology from Franklin employs the latest psychological and neuroscience research in courses, providing students with the ability to motivate behavior and resolve managerial issues. Influencing human behavior is a key component to a business' success, including increasing the likelihood of making sales.

Students earning their online psychology master's degree at Franklin will learn traditional business and psychology disciplines in innovative ways, focused on the qualitative and human-led aspects of marketing, economics, human resources, and management. Students at Franklin can finish their affordable online master's degree in psychology in 14 months, guided by highly qualified instructors.

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Lynn University

Value Score 4.28
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 55
Number of Online Programs 2

Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Lynn University's MS in applied psychology program leaves graduates with an understanding of human behavior and how to engage and work with diverse communities. With an online master's degree in psychology from Lynn, students will become specialists in the field through studies, research, and the opportunity to present work at regional and national psychological conferences. Graduates will have the necessary skills and knowledge to work across a wide array of applied psychology fields.

Students earning their master's in psychology online from Lynn will learn the principles of psychological research, have the ability to assess culturally appropriate work methods for groups and individuals, perform ethical work in today's global environment, and have advanced skills in scientific writing and information literacy.

Graduates of Lynn been offered incredible internships, including performing an off-broadway production in Manhattan, studying and attending the presidential inauguration, working with the ESPN X-Games, discovering the connections between humans and the Atlantic ocean, and learning the realities of being a teacher within the American school system.

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LeTourneau University

Value Score 4.06
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 94
Number of Online Programs 1

The MA in psychology program at LeTourneau prepares students to positively impact others as they fulfill God's calling. Students will build on the foundational knowledge from their undergraduate studies to develop a specialized understanding of psychology concentrations. They will hone their research skills, discover their passion within the field, and develop a strategy for employing that passion to help others.

Earning an online psychology master's degree from LeTourneau is done in a flexible, interactive format. Students can choose 14 credit hours of graduate level electives, in business, leadership, education, religion, or additional psychology hours. Students can also choose to pursue licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor or Marriage and Family Therapist by transferring LeTourneau credit hours to a counseling program.

Located in Longview, Texas, LeTourneau boasts more than 50 recognized student organizations on campus. The YellowJacket Activities Council (YAC) and other student body organizations plan more than 30 events per year for the student body.

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Prescott College

Value Score 3.84
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 59
Number of Online Programs 1

At Prescott, the MS in counseling program offers students to earn their online master's degree in psychology while developing their own unique therapeutic qualities and learning the necessary skills for professional practice. Graduates from the program are prepared to become clinical counselors, couple and family therapists, addiction counselors, or school counselors. The program takes a holistic look at mental health and wellness and the pathways for healing.

The affordable online master's degree in psychology at Prescott represents a student-centric education environment in which global and local social issues are integrated with professional practice. Students can choose from five concentration areas: clinical mental health counseling; marriage, couple, and family counseling; rehabilitation counseling; addictions counseling; and school counseling. Students are also able to enhance their degrees with several extra specialization areas, including adventure-based psychotherapy, ecotherapy, equine-assisted mental health, and expressive art therapy.

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Sacred Heart University

Value Score 3.71
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 34
Number of Online Programs 1

Sacred Heart's master's in applied psychology provides students with an understanding of people and they ways in which they behave. This foundational knowledge is the core of Sacred Heart's online psychology master's degree.

Psychologists with the ability to improve employee and organizational performance, identify those in need of support, and empower individuals to succeed are in high demand in both corporate positions and public sector organizations. Jobs in the field are expected to grow 53% from 2012 to 2022, a rate that is significantly higher than most occupations.

The master's degree in psychology online from Sacred Heart also strives to provide all students with a solid foundation for working towards their doctoral studies in psychology. Students can choose to concentrate their studies in industrial-organizational psychology, community psychology, or distinguished psychology faculty. The degree program's format doesn't lead directly to a clinical license, which means students aren't required to complete any clinical hours. Degrees can be completed in only two years, taking one class at a time.

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Mercy College

Value Score 3.53
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 33
Number of Online Programs 1

Preparing yourself to work as a school counselor or in a public or private agency can be achieved with an online master's degree in psychology from Mercy College. Beyond the opportunity to follow any of several potential career paths, completing the additional 48-credit school counselor program earns graduates their provisional certifications as school counselors.

Students may choose to specialize in counseling, counseling with certification in school counseling and bilingual extension in mental health, alcohol/substance abuse counseling, or retirement counseling.

Mercy College is non-sectarian institution, and qualified applicants will be admitted without regard to race, religion, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, or disability. Mercy College has made a commitment to connecting students with the outside community, and has a rich history of giving back through the "Mercy Gives Back" initiative, a community service initiative that allows students to participate in and lead service-learning opportunities to become community leaders.

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Medaille College

Value Score 3.51
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 34
Number of Online Programs 1

Students earning their master's degree in psychology online from Medaille College will have a thorough understanding of the advanced principles of psychology, as well the the necessary knowledge for building careers in business, education, research, government, human services, community-based agencies, and health and recreation.

The master's in psychology program strengthens students' credentials for applying to PhD programs, including Medaille's doctoral program in clinical psychology (PsyD).

Students who have earned their master's degree in psychology online through Medaille have gone on to careers are human resource managers, project managers, professors, psychiatric technicians, and PR representatives. Students can begin their education at Medaille in fall or spring. The university pledges to focus on students' academic success and their future success as professionals.

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The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Los Angeles

Value Score 3.28
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 70
Number of Online Programs 3

TCSPP graduates with an MA in psychology will be prepared with a foundational knowledge of psychology, affording them the ability to develop an understanding of behavior analytic theories and procedures. The online master's degree in psychology from TCSPP can also act as a bridge to more advanced studies in a concentration area.

Students who pursue the online applied behavior analysis (ABA) will take courses totaling in 21 credit hours of foundational psychology, as well as nine hours of applied behavior analysis concentration and six hours in a research project focused on applied behavior analysis. Students learn to develop approaches to behavior modification, as related to developmental disabilities, geriatric conditions, behavioral and learning difficulties, and mental illnesses.

Graduates with their online psychology master's degree will be poised to pursue careers in counseling, education, government, social work, non-profits, mental health, and treatment centers.

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Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Harrisburg

Value Score 3.22
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 20
Number of Online Programs 1

An online master's degree in psychology from Penn State Harrisburg prepares students for careers as mental health professionals across various settings. The MA in applied clinical psychology is a training program in empirically validated clinical psychology, intended as a complement to at least 12 additional credits in advanced studies (counseling or psychology).

The MA in applied clinical psychology from Penn State is designed to serve both part-time and full-time students, with classes taking place in late in the afternoon and the evening. Coursework will focus on the scientific basis of behavior, and will include the study of biological, social, and individual difference factors. The training model in the Penn State online master's degree program is health centric, versus pathology-centric, placing an emphasis on the development of helping skills.

Located eight miles from Harrisburg, Middletown, PA, Penn State Harrisburg offers over 65 associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs. For students interested in cheering on their university's team, Penn State offers 16 NCAA Division III varsity sports, and competes in the Capital Athletic Conference (CAC).

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Adler University

Value Score 2.92
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 33
Number of Online Programs 2

At Adler University, students can pursue their MA in industrial and organizational psychology (I/O). With their online master's degree in psychology, graduates will be poised to compete in a global economy where organizations are seeking change-makers to ensure their sustainable, long-term success.

At Adler, the online MA in I/O psychology was developed to produce leaders with the ability to shape and reshape businesses and establish environments for psychological health that improve the lives of the organization's employees. Graduates will be prepared to help their companies boost morale and productivity, their employees innovate, and add to the bottom line.

Adler is named after Austrian physician and psychologist Alfred Adler, whose most influential concept, "social interest," still guides the university. Adlerian psychology posits that individual health is inextricably linked to community life, so in order to help individuals, it is also vital to address social issues and inequities.

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Palo Alto University

Value Score 2.82
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 35
Number of Online Programs 1

Palo Alto University offers students an innovative and structured part-time, two-year master's degree in psychology online, with the potential to be used as a stepping stone for pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology.

Graduates of the program are prepared to either begin pursuing their doctoral degree, study part time, or continue in their careers. The university is dedicated to developing leaders in the field, and contributes significantly to mental health in the Palo Alto community.

The university affiliated Gronowski Center provides low-cost mental health services, while also providing valuable hands-on training for Palo Alto students. PAU also sponsors academic centers for child mental health, evidence-based care for LGBTQ clients, excellence in diversity, excellence in community care, and web-based global healthcare.

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William James College

Value Score 2.52
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 9
Number of Online Programs 1

WJC's organizational psychology master of arts (MAOP) is an 11-month program that is available in two formats; completely online, or "weekends-in-residence," in which students spend the final weekend of each of their courses on campus.

Graduates of the program will be able to diagnose the root causes of organizational underperformance, influence teams, create an environment for self motivation and positive change among workers, anticipate the needs of stakeholders, and manage their own strengths and weaknesses in order to clearly assess organizational challenges.

The MAOP program at William James College is geared towards students pursuing careers in organizational development, HR, talent management, change management, management consulting, and leadership training. On average, students in the MAOP program have 5-7 years of work experience, and 90% of them work full time.

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University of Southern California

Value Score 2.39
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 22
Number of Online Programs 1

An online master's degree in psychology from USC comes with a unique balance of courses in consumer psychology and organizational psychology, providing graduates with the skills to work across disciplines, from marketing to talent management, research, and organization.

Students in the MS in applied psychology program at USC will be develop essential skills for communicating marketing plans, identifying customers, strategizing ways to improve work environments, and retaining top-tier human capital at their organizations.

The online master's degree in psychology was designed to teach graduates how to apply the understanding of human behavior to making informed business decisions to affect organizations internally and influence consumer behaviors.

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What Will I Learn in My Online Master’s in Psychology Program?

While some students in an online master’s degree in psychology have an undergraduate degree in psychology, most programs accept students from other majors. At the very least, incoming students should have courses in introductory psychology and statistics to prepare for the master’s level research courses. In general, programs with a counseling focus require supervised clinical practice, while those with a research specialty must complete a thesis.

  • Counseling Psychology This course introduces students to the theories of psychological treatment and practice of counseling patients, including individual and group therapy interventions. Students also explore the development of psychotherapy and society’s impact on those treatments.
  • Family Psychology The course examines the influence of common family structures on one’s identity, communication, family rules, and more. Family therapy is also explored, including marriage counseling or family communications.
  • Abnormal Psychology Students develop their understanding of abnormal behavior, causes, symptoms, diagnostic categories, and standard treatments. The course also covers the prevalence of abnormal behaviors in society.
  • Professional Ethics Psychologists, therapists, and counselors abide by state and federal laws, and also a standard of professional ethics. These courses explore issues such as mandated reporting laws, treatment of minors without parental consent, and confidentiality.

  • Behavior Development With a focus on the mental, physical, emotional, and social development of children, this course is particularly relevant for educational psychology concentrations. Topics also include classroom management, learning disabilities, and effective discipline.

Master’s in Psychology Concentrations

Psychologists usually specialize in a particular field or issue, and develop a mastery of the associated psychological theories and treatment options. Students begin this specialization at the master’s degree level, as specific concentrations are required for certain career paths or for doctorate studies.

  1. Educational Psychology: This discipline explores how people learn, including students with learning disabilities and gifted students. Educational psychologists also help students navigate the difficult social and emotional challenges of childhood and adolescence.
  2. Industrial Organization: A growing subset of psychology, industrial and organizational psychologists offer recommendations to help companies run more efficiently and improve employee morale. These specialists also screen potential hires to determine the best fit with the company’s culture.
  3. Addiction Counseling: Addiction counselors explore the causes of drug or alcohol abuse, and help individuals overcome their addictions. Addictions may include drugs, alcohol, gambling, or eating disorders — anything that interferes with a person’s ability to function at home or work.
  4. Experimental Psychology: Using data collected through experimentation and research, experimental psychologists explore complex questions about human behavior and relationships. Their work impacts treatment across psychology specializations, and impacts policy decisions in education, transportation, labor relations, and more.
  5. Social Psychology: Social psychologists study group dynamics and how people relate to one another in the workplace, schools, and social settings. The theories inform leadership development, bullying intervention, and group behavior. While similar to sociology, social psychology studies the variables that affect social behavior.

Employment Outlook for Master’s in Psychology Graduates

To be successful in psychology-related fields, students must possess exceptional people skills. Many professions work with people from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances. Patience and trustworthiness are necessary, as they develop a rapport from which one can serve clients or patients. Psychologists involved in policy development or research also need analytical skills and problem-solving skills. Most professionals work in an office environment with daytime hours, though positions in social work or at a healthcare facility may have some after-hours calls. Educational psychologists work in public or private schools, colleges, or career advisement firms.

Mental Health Counselor

$40,255 Avg Annual Salary
Master’s Degree Degree Required

Counselors treat patients for mental health problems or illnesses, and help them cope with difficulties at home or work. Counselors specialize in a specific population, such as children or adolescents, seniors, prison and jail inmates, or addicts. Hospitals, addiction clinics, local or state governments, and nonprofit organizations all hire mental health counselors. Practitioners may also open a private practice. A master’s degree and state licensure is typically required.

Projected Growth Rate 19%

Social Worker

$43,619 Avg Annual Salary
Master’s Degree Degree Required

Social workers help people grapple with complex emotional and social problems. They act as a patient’s advocate in legal matters, such as competency hearings or child custody. States require social workers to be licensed, and minimum educational requirements are often a master’s degree in social work or related field. Social workers who can speak multiple languages — or with counseling abilities — can command higher wages.

Projected Growth Rate 12%

Market Research Analyst

$51,400 Avg Annual Salary
Bachelor’s Degree Degree Required

Analysts work with large sets of data to understand consumer behavior and anticipate factors that impact consumer demand. Research analysts may also conduct consumer interviews or develop surveys.

Projected Growth Rate 19%

Marriage and Family Therapist

$46,840 Avg Annual Salary
Master’s Degree Degree Required

Marriage or family therapists work with couples, individuals, children, or whole families by helping them improve their communication. Family therapists assist with treatment for mental health issues such as addiction or depression, or help families cope with challenging situations like infidelity or abuse. All states require therapists to be licensed, and must possess a minimum of a master’s degree in marriage or family therapy. Some states may also require several years of supervised experience.

Projected Growth Rate 19%

School and Career Counselor

$54,560 Avg Annual Salary
Master’s Degree Degree Required

Typically placed in high schools, school and career counselors work with students early in their academic journey to identify careers of interest, and develop plans to reach those goals. Some counselors also advise adults on new career paths. Schools and government agencies both hire school and career counselors, and they must possess a master’s degree and state licensure or educational endorsement.

Projected Growth Rate 8%

Psychology Licensure and Certification

Many careers available with a master’s degree in psychology online also require state licensure or industry certification. Licensure requirements include a comprehensive exam of the graduate’s knowledge and expertise. Established practitioners may supervise new graduates, as well, offering advice and experience before providing their recommendation to licensing and certification boards. Several national organizations offer a voluntary certification that showcases mastery of a subject. Many psychology-related positions require continuing education to remain active in the profession.

  • Social Work Licensure: In addition to earning a degree from an accredited program, prospective social workers must pass a licensing exam and a background investigation. Licensure includes the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Certified Advanced Practice Social Worker (CAPSW).
  • Counseling Licensure: Applicants must have a degree from an accredited program or a program recognized by the state. All states require a master’s degree in a counseling field, with additional supervision and clinical practice experience. At least one exam will be required. The National Board for Certified Counselors also offers voluntary certification as a National Certified Counselor, and specialty certifications in addiction, clinical mental health, and school counseling.
  • School Counselor License: Requirements vary from state to state, but most school counselor licenses require a master’s degree in counseling. Some states offer the school counselor license only to licensed teachers with classroom experience. School counselors assist students with educational planning, look for signs of abuse or neglect, and intervene in behavioral issues as needed.

Job Placement for Graduates of Psychology Master’s Programs

About 45 percent of students who earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology will continue their education at the master’s level. A master’s degree in psychology can boost an employee’s earning potential by 43%, according to a recent report by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and Workforce. With above-average job growth projected over the next decade by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, now is a terrific time to consider a master’s degree in psychology. Additionally, many certifications and licensures are not available without having first earned a master’s degree in the field.

Most graduates of psychology and social work degrees find positions in community services, like healthcare or education. Notably, one of the emerging fields is industrial and organizational psychology, where employees report some of the highest median earnings in the discipline.

Master’s in Psychology Salary

Employees in the field of psychology can expect to see their earnings rise with additional experience, certifications, and abilities. Data from PayScale illustrates the earning potential of popular career choices in education, corporate, and mental health settings. Industrial-organizational psychology offers the highest starting salary, and the highest salary projections throughout one’s career. Location of workplaces will also significantly impact salary expectations.

Salary for Psychology Graduates by Experience
Job Title Overall Median Salary Median Salary for Entry-Level Employees (0-5 years) Median Salary for Mid-Career Employees (5-10 years) Median Salary for Late-Career Employees (20+ years)
School Psychologist $59,067 $54,000 $60,000 $66,000
Guidance Counselor $49,450 $42,000 $47,000 $52,000
Industrial-Organizational Psychologist $70,964 $61,000 $94,000 $112,000
Addiction Counselor $39,924 $35,000 $36,000 $42,000
Social Worker $44,707 $40,000 $46,000 $51,000

Do I Need to Take the GRE to Enroll in an Online Master’s in Psychology Program?

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) evaluates one’s critical thinking skills, and is the most common entrance exams for admission to graduate school. The test includes three sections: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and a writing sample. Some schools may also require a subject test. Students typically spend one to three months preparing for the GRE, with help from resources such as practice tests and study guides.

Developed by ETS, the exam’s computer-adaptive format adapts to a test-taker’s ability, adjusting the difficulty of the test between the verbal and quantitative tests. Students quickly learn how well they scored on those sections, while written scores are returned within 10 to 15 days. Some schools may not require students take the GRE, and instead rely on undergraduate grades and work experience to determine a student’s likely success in the program.

Accreditation for Online Master’s in Psychology Degrees

Accreditation is one of the most important factors a student should consider when exploring online master’s degrees in psychology. Accreditation is completed by colleges and universities to ensure they offer a rigorous and relevant curriculum. Regional accreditation is usually considered more prestigious than than national accreditation. It’s important to note that credits transfer more easily from regionally accredited schools than nationally accredited schools.

In addition to a school’s accreditation, students seeking an online master’s degree in psychology should confirm the specialized accreditation of the psychology program. Students seeking endorsement from schools or licenses to practice as therapists or counselors must earn their degree from one of these accredited programs. At the master’s degree level, specialized accrediting agencies include the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs, Council on Rehabilitation Education, Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education, Master’s in Psychology Accreditation Council, Council on Social Work Education, and National Association of School Psychologists. The American Psychological Association does not accredit master’s level programs.

Financing Your Online Master’s in Psychology Program

Students looking for an affordable online psychology master’s degree program have several options to finance their education. The first step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which determines a student’s eligibility for federal grants, scholarships, and loans. Federal work-study programs may also be available to graduate students, and schools often use information from the FAFSA when awarding school-based grants and need-based scholarships. Additionally, students with significant service to the community through AmeriCorps or similar programs may qualify for financial assistance and scholarships. Licensed teachers in public school seeking counselor endorsements may find grants or tuition waivers, especially if they are willing to work in a high-need community after graduation.

Scholarships for Psychology Master’s Programs

Psychology Scholarships

Minority Scholarship Program for Graduate Training in School Psychology $5,000

Minority students enrolled or accepted into an accredited graduate school psychology program are eligible to apply. Students may be enrolled full time or part time.

Scholarship Deadline: TBA

Eligibility Requirements: Students must be a member of the National Association of School Psychologists and plan to work in the field after graduation. Applicants should have at least a 3.0 GPA.

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Marie Newton Sepia Memorial Scholarship $1,000

Available to students at the master’s or doctorate level in fields that prepare youth for service, encourage brain safety and health, or support those who care for others.

Scholarship Deadline: March 15

Eligibility Requirements: Students must have and maintain a 3.25 GPA on a 4.0 scale, or a 4.1 GPA on a 5.0 scale. Applicants must be sponsored by a local Pilot Club president.

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Melanie Foundation Scholarship $2,500

Awarded annually to a master’s or doctorate-level student studying a mental health field.

Scholarship Deadline: March 6

Eligibility Requirements: Students must be currently enrolled or accepted into a graduate program and studying a mental health field. Nominees must include letters of reference — including one from a mental health professional — and an essay.

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Psi Chi Graduate Scholarships $3,000

Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, offers eight scholarships for graduate students studying psychology or a related discipline.

Scholarship Deadline: July 15

Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be members of Psi Chi. The selection committee considers financial need and student merit.

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APF Graduate Student Scholarships $1,000-$5,000

The organization offers a number of scholarships intended to support research of graduate-level students in psychology.

Scholarship Deadline: June 30

Eligibility Requirements: Students must be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program to apply. Applicants must include a research proposal for their thesis or dissertation.

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