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Aeronautical engineering is one of the most impactful developments of the 20th and 21st centuries, taking humans beyond the skies and into the stars. In its most fundamental sense, aeronautics focuses on the creation of aircraft and spacecraft, but the field also encompasses a range of inventive engineering and mechanical practices. Modern inventions as diverse as the pocket calculator and the non-stick frying pan came from developments originally achieved through aeronautical design. If you have an interested in mechanics, math, science, or engineering, an online aviation degree or aeronautics degree could be an ideal choice.

An online aviation degree covers key concepts in mechanical engineering and information technology, giving you the skills to design complex aeronautical systems and equipment. Designing those systems requires problem-solving, teamwork, analytical skills, creative thinking, and communication in equal measure. Your online aviation degree will help you develop these transferable skills, which are applicable to nearly every engineering position. Opting for a bachelor’s degree can lead to several career opportunities in the field, and can open the door to graduate study. Aeronautics is a high-paying field, and engineers who hold a bachelor’s can expect to earn a median annual salary of around $107,000.

If you’re interested in an online aviation degree or aeronautics degree, explore our ranking to find a respected, affordable program. These accredited programs all offer a high return on investment, allowing you to earn a top salary with low tuition. And because the programs are offered primarily online, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from home.

Most Affordable Online Aviation Degrees
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Eastern New Mexico University

Value Score 7.06
Average Tuition $3,065
Students Receiving Financial Aid 57%
Net Price $9,938
Graduation Rate 32%
Student to Faculty Ratio 19:1
Admissions Rate 50%
Enrollment Rate 52%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 95
Number of Online Programs 9

Eastern New Mexico University offers two degrees in aviation science that can be completed entirely online: the bachelor of science (BS) and the bachelor of applied arts and science (BAAS). Each degree plan is designed for students at different experience levels, but both provide the background needed for graduates to seek and secure aviation employment. The BS in aviation science includes a complete 120-hour liberal arts degree plan of core aviation science, open electives, and a variety of course requirements such as statistical methods and dynamics of group communication. Prospective students with extensive field experience, an FAA license, or 30 aviation course hours earned at another institution may not need to complete all 120 credits. Like the BS degree, the BAAS includes courses in both aviation and related areas such statistics, but only requires 44 credit. The smaller course load of the BAAS in aviation science makes it one of the most affordable online aeronautics degree options available.

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North Carolina State University at Raleigh

Value Score 7.05
Average Tuition $6,220
Students Receiving Financial Aid 93%
Net Price $6,966
Graduation Rate 76%
Student to Faculty Ratio 15:1
Admissions Rate 50%
Enrollment Rate 41%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 36
Number of Online Programs 1

In cooperation with The University of North Carolina at Asheville, North Carolina State University offers a unique site-based program for students interested in aerospace engineering. This program is designed for students who are physically attending a different university or community college that doesn't offer the same upper-level course requirements. After their first year of engineering courses on campus at UNC Asheville, or another institution with equivalent curricula, students can transfer to NC State and complete their studies in three years. The 130-credit bachelor of science in aerospace engineering curriculum includes courses in aerodynamics, aero engineering, dynamics and controls, aerospace structures, and more. Students enjoy small class sizes and a variety of specialized resources available for engineering students at UNC Asheville. The program offers three start dates each year, during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

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LeTourneau University

Value Score 6.63
Average Tuition $27,380
Students Receiving Financial Aid 69%
Net Price $17,712
Graduation Rate 54%
Student to Faculty Ratio 12:1
Admissions Rate 45%
Enrollment Rate 30%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 57
Number of Online Programs 13

LeTourneau University offers eight bachelor’s degrees in various aviation fields. The school also offers two of its aeronautics degrees online: the bachelor of science in aviation management or in aviation studies. These degrees can be completed entirely online or with a combination of online and on-campus learning. Online courses last anywhere from three to seven weeks and scheduling is flexible, allowing students to take as few as one course at a time. The program prepares students to pursue careers as pilots, engineers, managers, and air traffic controllers. Students with prior education of professional experience can transfer those qualifications to LeTourneau to make the program shorter and more affordable. Military students, either active-duty or veterans, can apply their military experience to a management degree, while students with prior aviation education can easily transfer credits or certifications. Over the past five years, the National Intercollegiate Flying Association has awarded LeTourneau's aviation programs with the Loening Trophy and the American Airlines Safety Award.

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide

Value Score 6.10
Average Tuition $8,520
Students Receiving Financial Aid 63%
Net Price $16,673
Graduation Rate 28%
Student to Faculty Ratio 14:1
Admissions Rate 66%
Enrollment Rate 76%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 94
Number of Online Programs 12

Established in 1926, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is the nation’s oldest and most comprehensive university for aviation education. With three state-of-the art campuses around the world and an online campus, Embry-Riddle remains one of the top choices by students to receive a cheap aeronautics degree online. Offered entirely online, the bachelor of science in aeronautics includes courses in security, safety, air traffic control, maintenance, and human factors. The program awards students with prior aviation-related knowledge and skills with advanced standing prior-learning credits. Students can choose from more than 20 minor courses of study to customize their education. Some of the concentrations include homeland security, air cargo management, disaster relief logistics, and aviation safety. Embry-Riddle's 12 start dates per year, the ability to stagger courses as needed, and an online learning format offers a great deal of flexibility for distance learners. Online classes use a mix of scheduled video conferencing and asynchronous, independent learning.

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Hampton University

Value Score 6.05
Average Tuition $20,526
Students Receiving Financial Aid 81%
Net Price $26,432
Graduation Rate 63%
Student to Faculty Ratio 9:1
Admissions Rate 69%
Enrollment Rate 13%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 5
Number of Online Programs 17

Hampton University is the only member of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the United States with an aviation program approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. The school offers four aeronautics degrees, one of which is offered entirely online. The bachelor of science in aviation management (airport administration) is designed for adult learners and is dedicated to helping students develop strong ethics, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. These skills, in conjunction with academic preparation, prepares students for a variety of careers in the aviation industry. This 122-credit online aviation degree is designed to build upon students' technical training in aviation-related fields such as air traffic control, operations support, or maintenance. Therefore, prospective students with prior professional or education experience in aviation will enjoy a shorter program. Hampton University offers online students all of the resources that are available to on-campus students, including access to the university’s library, research databases, and career and employment services.

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Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology

Value Score 5.57
Average Tuition $21,880
Students Receiving Financial Aid 75%
Net Price $26,544
Graduation Rate 56%
Student to Faculty Ratio 14:1
Admissions Rate 74%
Enrollment Rate 52%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 25
Number of Online Programs 2

The Vaughn College main campus is located adjacent to LaGuardia Airport in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens. Vaughn College offers two affordable bachelor's degrees in aeronautics online in aviation management and airport management. Distance learners can expect to work on a similar schedule to traditional students, with classes offered in 16-week spring and fall terms, or two six-week summer sessions. To accommodate students’ schedules, online courses are delivered in a variety of flexible platforms. Along with video conferencing and online delivery of assignments and course materials, class lectures can also be streamed online or delivered in a hard copy DVD format. Students seeking to become airline first officers can receive a 500-flight-hour credit if they complete a bachelor's program, or 250 hours if they complete an associate degree, through Vaughn or another approved school. This reduces the required flight time hours to 1,000 or 1,250, respectively.

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Everglades University

Value Score 4.97
Average Tuition $15,048
Students Receiving Financial Aid 40%
Net Price $24,760
Graduation Rate 33%
Student to Faculty Ratio 11:1
Admissions Rate 96%
Enrollment Rate 42%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 64
Number of Online Programs 6

Everglades University offers all of its degree program both online and on campus. The online bachelor’s in aeronautics is designed for FAA-certified aviation professional seeking to complement their technical background with an extensive academic plan involving both aviation and general education courses. Students can choose from concentrations in safety, flight operations, maintenance, aviation operations management, aviation maintenance management, and security. The 123-credit program is commonly completed in 41 months, though students with transfer credits can earn their degree slightly faster. The curriculum includes courses in 30 credits of general education requirements, 21 credits of interdisciplinary studies, with all remaining credits earned in aviation courses like airline management and history of aviation. Students typically have prior experience with air traffic control, aviation maintenance, flight operations, or dispatch operations. Online students enjoy resources like free online tutoring in all subject areas and 24/7 access to the school's online library.

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Florida Institute of Technology

Value Score 4.36
Average Tuition $38,540
Students Receiving Financial Aid 79%
Net Price $25,660
Graduation Rate 57%
Student to Faculty Ratio 8:1
Admissions Rate 57%
Enrollment Rate 12%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 11
Number of Online Programs 0

The Florida Institute of Technology, founded in 1958, is a leader in a variety of disciplines including aviation management. The school’s bachelor of arts degree in aviation management, which requires the completion of 121 credit hours, is offered entirely online. The degree program can be completed in four years with eight-week classes, although program length will vary depending on the number of transfer credits each student applies to to their degree. The aviation management program is ideal for adult learners or students who have various obligations that prevent them from attending traditionally-scheduled classes. All online programs at the Florida Institute of Technology are offered asynchronously, allowing students the freedom to access interactive course content, contact classmates and instructors, and work on weekly assignments on their own schedule. The school is one of only six universities designated as a core partner in the FAA's Center of Excellent Partnership to Enhance General Aviation Safety, Accessibility, and Sustainability.

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Hallmark University

Value Score 4.21
Average Tuition $34,700
Students Receiving Financial Aid 38%
Net Price $15,894
Graduation Rate 32%
Student to Faculty Ratio 21:1
Admissions Rate 100%
Enrollment Rate 35%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 71
Number of Online Programs 2

Hallmark University, located in San Antonio, Texas, has been committed to providing students with the training required to succeed in the aeronautics industry since 1969. The bachelor of science in aviation management degree is offered entirely online and takes roughly 20 months to complete.The program is designed to teach students about management and how it relates to the aviation maintenance industry. Graduates are prepared to pursue entry-level positions including aircraft maintenance analyst, aircraft records analyst, aviation support specialist, aviation general manager, and more. Online aeronautics degree students have full access to Hallmark University’s extensive digital library, technical support staff, and the services of the student affairs office. Applicants must have an Airframe and Powerplant Certification issued by the FAA and must have earned at least an associate degree to be considered.

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Lynn University

Value Score 3.91
Average Tuition $33,450
Students Receiving Financial Aid 73%
Net Price $29,888
Graduation Rate 44%
Student to Faculty Ratio 18:1
Admissions Rate 76%
Enrollment Rate 18%
Percentage of Students in Online Programs 27
Number of Online Programs 6

Lynn University, located in Boca Raton, Florida, offers a bachelor of science in aviation management to students who want to take their aviation career to new heights. The school's campus is located near the Boca Raton Airport, where students can complete flight training. The online bachelor's in aeronautics is offered entirely online, on campus, and in a hybrid format. Lynn University’s online iLynn degree program is designed for students who are balancing school, work, family, or other obligations. The program's “iPad-powered learning” allows students to engage with course content in a unconventional format, either on their own device or a university-provided tablet. The 64-credit program includes 33 core curriculum credits and 24 elective credits, with courses in aircrew training, legal and H.R. topics, financial operations, and more. Students’ professional experience, as well as transferred credits, can be used to fulfill degree requirements.

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